Product Care

All of our products are designed to last. With the proper care, our non-toxic water based finishes will feel right at home.

  • Please avoid the use of all chemical cleaners. They are harmful to you and the finish on your furniture.

  • Regularly dust using a soft cloth or feather duster.

  • A soft, damp cloth may also be used to remove dust. Quickly remove excess moisture with a dry cloth.

  • Do not drag furniture and do not lift furniture by the legs. To move furniture, please lift and gently place your piece where you would like it. We recommend two or more people move our larger pieces of furniture.

  • Please open drawers one at a time to avoid tipping.

  • Use felt pads or bumpers on objects resting on the furniture’s surface to preserve the finish.

  • Protect your furniture from hot or cold surfaces by using trivets or coasters.